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"Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1."

- Warren Buffett -

Fraud Due Dilligence: FLECC model

Fyber AI specializes in Fraud-based Due Diligence for our Investors, including Limited Partners, Family Offices, Venture Capital Funds, and others, in Pre-IPO, SPAC, Private Equity, Venture Round and Series Fundings.

Powered by our AI in-house tools, using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), with our Human Intelligence and Deep Expertise, we deploy our in-house FLECC model to uncover the myth, provide factual evidences, analytical due diligence, and strategic roadmap to help our Investors prevent and detect Frauds which may impact their investment decision-making process. 

FLECC model covers 5 key aspects:

  • Financial: investigate Accounting irregularities.
  • Legal: identify potential Legal problems and Regulatory concerns.
  • Ethics: evaluate potential issues related to Prevention of Money Laundering Act.
  • Commercial: identify unethical Commercial business practices.
  • Culture: evaluate Management practices and Human capital management.

How it works

Fraud-based due diligence entails investigating the parties to the transaction, potential risks, and investment’s quality to fully comprehend the situation.

Financial review

Conduct thorough review of any financial obligations to uncover hidden problems, such as debts, repayment capability, tax liabilities, related party and undisclosed transactions.

Legal review

Conduct thorough review focusing on legal obligations, potential legal problems, and other legal-related issues, to identify any potential legal liabilities and regulatory concerns.


Ethics review

Conduct thorough review of potential unfair activities, creditworthiness, perform screening and background check, such as KYC – Know Your Client, AML – Anti-Money Laundering rules.

Commercial review

Conduct thorough review to identify unethical commercial business practices. Evaluate available technology and commercialization feasibility, or if it is “too good to be true” situation.

Culture review

Conduct thorough review of company culture and management practices, competence and reputation of executives, people management such as hiring, firing,  whistleblowing.

Risk Monitoring: CAPRA model

We deploy our in-house CAPRA model for Risk Monitoring purpose. 

Our independent reporting helps our Investors (i) detect frauds on ongoing basis to mitigate risks and protect their invested money, and (ii) provide risk-based analytics and financial strategy to make informed business decisions and safely navigating new markets to conclude new investments.

Powered by our in-house AI tool, what we can support with CAPRA process are:

  • Collect Feedback.
  • Analyze Trends.
  • Perform Testing.
  • Refine Process.
  • Apply to Improve.

Investing: 3R model

You are invited to join our Beta list to receive free Investing tips and strategies based on our 3R model: Risk – Reward – Rebalancing

  • Risk: Intelligently-driven De-risking Strategies
  • Reward: Intelligently-informed Opportunities
  • Rebalancing: Intelligently-powered Portfolio Management Strategies 


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