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Public Stocks, Pre-IPO, SPAC, Private Equity, Venture Round

"Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1."

- Warren Buffett -

Investing: 3R model

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  • Risk: Intelligently-driven De-risking Strategies
  • Reward: Intelligently-informed Opportunities
  • Rebalancing: Intelligently-powered Portfolio Management Strategies 

Fraud Detecting: FLECC model

Fyber AI specializes in Fraud-based Due Diligence for our Investors, including Limited Partners, Family Offices, Venture Capital Funds, and others, in Pre-IPO, SPAC, Private Equity, Venture Round and Series Fundings.

Powered by our AI in-house tools, we deploy our in-house FLECC model to uncover the myth, provide factual evidences, analytical due diligence, and strategic roadmap to help our Investors prevent and detect Frauds which may impact their investment decision-making process. 

FLECC model covers 5 key aspects:

  • Financial: investigate Accounting irregularities.
  • Legal: identify potential Legal problems and Regulatory concerns.
  • Ethics: evaluate potential issues related to Prevention of Money Laundering Act.
  • Commercial: identify unethical Commercial business practices.
  • Culture: evaluate Management practices and Human capital management.

How it works

Fraud-based due diligence entails investigating the parties to the transaction, potential risks, and investment’s quality to fully comprehend the situation.

Financial review

Conduct thorough review of any financial obligations to uncover hidden problems, such as debts, repayment capability, tax liabilities, related party and undisclosed transactions.

Legal review

Conduct thorough review focusing on legal obligations, potential legal problems, and other legal-related issues, to identify any potential legal liabilities and regulatory concerns.


Ethics review

Conduct thorough review of potential unfair activities, creditworthiness, perform screening and background check, such as KYC – Know Your Client, AML – Anti-Money Laundering rules.

Commercial review

Conduct thorough review to identify unethical commercial business practices. Evaluate available technology and commercialization feasibility, or if it is “too good to be true” situation.

Culture review

Conduct thorough review of company culture and management practices, competence and reputation of executives, people management such as hiring, firing,  whistleblowing.

Continuous Monitoring: CAPRA model

We deploy our in-house CAPRA model to continuously monitor growth, risks and day-to-day operations of a company that our Investors invest in. Our independent reporting helps our Investors (i) detect frauds spontaneously to protect their invested money, and (ii) provide analytics strategy to help their invested company continue to grow.

Powered by our in-house AI tool, what we can support with CAPRA process are:

  • Collect Feedback.
  • Analyze Trends.
  • Perform Testing.
  • Refine Process.
  • Apply to Improve.

About Us

Track Record

Founded by Goldman Sachs veterans and AI experts, our experience in finance industry spans decades, with track record encompassing various areas including Equity, Credit Derivatives, Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities, Real Estate and Venture Capital. 

We keep learning, evolving and developing:

  • 2011: Supported law enforcement authorities in a Fraud case relating to an international financial crime. Found many challenges in terms of lengthy Time Duration, lack of Data-driven Analysis.
  • 2013: Participated in the setup of a Green Investment strategic initiative, through the Green Growth Action Alliance (G2A2) Working Group of World Economic Forum. Found many challenges in terms of Data Transparency, risk of Fraud and Loss of Investment.
  • 2015: Started Cross-border Trade business in Private label and OEM Manufacturing in Health Food, BioPharma, Beauty and Wellness industry. Found many challenges in terms of understanding consumer behaviors in cross-border markets, resulting in high risk of Fraud and Loss of Money.
  • 2016: Started Venture Studio business, using AI to reduce Risk of Financial Loss and increase Successful Rate of Investment.

AI-driven Venture Build – In-house Work 

  • 2016: Started Venture Studio business. Incubated the first Venture with theme “Machine Learning and Cross-border Commerce”. 
  • 2017: The Machine Learning Model in Cross-border Commerce was selected as International Innovators Initiative of New York City Economic Development Corporation, sponsored by the City of New York.
  • 2018: The Machine Learning Model predicted correctly consumer behaviors and trends. As a result, our data analysis pointed out a type of food ingredient toward digestive issues. Notable case – we launched a Plant-based beverage line with Prebiotic infusion in 02/2018 in our testing market, which was 8 months earlier than Nestle, who launched similar line in 10/2018. Result was presented at the International B2B Forum by U.S. Small Business Administration, under the topic of “Machine Intelligence and Cross-border Commerce”. Exited a number of businesses in Cross-border Trade.
  • 2019: Started Venture Commercialization business. We pivoted our Machine Learning model into an in-house AI Prediction Tool. We predicted correctly economic potential in Virtual Office (VO) business, and potential inflation risk. Notable cases – We commercialized VO idea and launched a VO service in 05/2019.  In addition, we hedged inflation by investing in residential condo-apartment property chain (our Opportunity Fund III). The VO business has surged since the pandemic in 2020, while the cashflow from the property chain has been stable.
  • 2020: Ventured in Food vertical. Predicted correctly hustle economy behaviors toward small side business with minimum cost. Notable case – We launched a Foodservice Brand and an income-generating Kiosk Franchising model in 06/2020 in our target market. In 2021, a number of big F&B chains also adjusted their traditional model to similar kiosk model. 
  • 2021: Ventured in Agri-Food-Tech vertical. Predicted corrected the trend on Plant-based Protein. Built out a trusted network of affiliated agricultural farms and processing factories in Vietnam. Built out partnerships with top manufacturers in Food & Health Science business. 
  • 2022: Ventured in BioTech and Fintech for Health Equity and Decentralized Finance. Built out a number of global partnerships with Accelerators and Incubators, e.g. in CUNY system, in New York. 
  • 2022: Exited a Plastics Manufacturing business. Started venturing into Green Finance, Agri-Energy, Solar & Carbon map to empower small-scale farmers and help them increase their Climate Resilience.
  • 2023: Started working on Venture Network, Education and Media for the Future of Decentralization.
  • 2023: Started offering Fraud-based Due Diligence Services to Outside Clients (Investors) and continued developing Beta testing for Stock Investing

AI-driven Stock Investing – In-house Work: Beta Testing

  • 2019: For Rebalancing purpose and to hedge liquidity risk, we started using our AI Tool to capture public interest via “social listening” techniques on certain tech ventures and businesses. As a result, we allocated a portion of capital to invest in those selected stocks – named as Opportunity Fund II. 
  • 2020: Performance of Fund II was consistent at the rate of 30% to 50%, compared to S&P at 7% – 10% and Nasdaq at 10% – 15%.
  • 2021: Exited Fund II successfully at performance growth of 50% – 150% for the 3-year period. 
  • 2023: Stock portfolio has achieved 30% compared to S&P 5% and Nasdaq 11%, despite market events such as SVB and Regional Banks crisis (WAL, FRC).
  • Continued to develop Beta testing model.

AI-powered Fraud-based Due Diligence for Investors (Clients) – Notable Cases

  • 2019: Test Case – For PE investment, we assisted our Investors to assess the feasibility of a Foodservice chain and its Fundraising model. We identified their cashflow issues, Ponzi-scheme style, potential legal problems. We provided our Investors with fact-based evidences and investment strategic advice. In 2022, those financial problems started appeared in public with domino effect, leading to Going-concern issue in a near term.
  • 2022: Test Case – For Series C funding, we assisted our Investors to assess the feasibility of a Lending chain and its Business model. We identified their unethical commercial business practices, undisclosed cashflow sources, potential legal liabilities and regulatory concerns. We provided our Investors with fact-based evidences and investment strategic advice. In 2023, those legal liabilities started appeared in public and the company got into trouble with law enforcement authorities, leading to Going-concern issue in present term.
  • 2023: Started offering Fraud-based DD services – For Pre-IPO, we assisted our Investors to assess the feasibility of an EV startup and its Business model. We identified their cashflow issues, unusual debts, troublesome related party transactions, concerning management practices and potential legal liabilities relating to product quality and business practices. We provided our Investors with fact-based evidences, and investment strategic advice. In mid-2023, those concerns become realized in public, leading to potential Going-concern issue in the future.


Everything We Do – from Breakthrough State of Mind, Investing Strategy, Fraud Prevention & Detection, Continuous Monitoring, AI & Technology, to Network and Culture, are all aligned and consistent

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